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Hi everybody,

cool i have time to write something for the blog. It seems i have a bad hair day today when it comes to do prim work... I just need a break! But in general i have to say its a REAL pleasure to see the project take shape.

I still think the map is a bit crowded but in a way thats also very cool! If you fly low or walk it starts to feel almost firstlife. Good that i liked Tangram so much ... Not as easy as it looks! But not too complicated either ... Anyway the offline prim building tool is working as fast and precise that i hoped. Now we are in need of working on the time it takes to do the textures without reducing quality too much...

I have researched some PlugIns that would help a bit: - http://www.altostorm.com/ for straightening photos and this looks cool too: http://www.luxology.com/whatismodo/imageSynth.aspx for creating special unique seamless textures...

Also: The textures is where the real work is done. It rarely takes longer to build the house than to texturing it. In most cases the texture is the real work (special thanks to Parbie!)! So far we have not cheated too much, meaning useing textures of one house again for another one. But the bigger the library gets the more opportunities arise where it will not be too obvious.

Also the use of the colourize texture feature in sl is very cool! So its a great idea to upload greyscale textures of materials like stone or wood or so on and colourize them in sl! (Parbie this was a very good idea that you are now utilizing this feature more often!) This reduces lag again!

Prim count: Not too bad so far! In some cases the roof needs a lot of prims! This is always the case when the houses floor plan is of an arbitrary shape... (few or no 90 deg angles...) But on average we will get it almost done within the prim limits set.

Kind regards Mental

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