ANDY GLASGOW Live in Concert am 20.6. um 21 Uhr

Wir begrüßen Andy Glasgow am Freitag, den 20.6. in München. Andy ist selbst aus München und daher freut es uns natürlich besonders, dass er für uns auftritt.

Sein Stil: Instrumental Progressive Rock.

Wo: Auf der Marienhof Stage (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Munich%20City/5/228/41)

Weitere Infos zu Andy (auf Englisch):

Andy Glasgow started his career in Second Life in January 2007. His Influences came from many different sources like Blues Rock, Hard Rock and Progressive Rock. While he is concentrating on a RL career he does his astonishing live performances in SL, wich are good crowded.

Most of his songs are improvised cover versions but he works on his own music as well.
If you join a Andy Glasgow Live Show, be prepared for a loud screaming guitar sound
with a sustain you haven´t heard before!

If you want to join his group, it´s called "Glasgow Kiss".

You will find his current album on iTunes:


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