Harald Nomad is not member of in-world professionals any more

The Second Life content creator, who's avatar goes by the name of Harald Nomad, worked for in-world professionals c/o FUTURELAB IT-Service GmbH in 2007. He participated in several projects. For months we repeatedly requested him to finally transfer ownership of buildings, objects and scripts he created for us (and has been paid for) which he did only partly and reluctantly conjuring all kinds of excuses. Adding to this he set undue conditions in May 2008, which we said we would meet notwithstanding *after* all objects were transferred. In early October 2008 instead of bringing it all to a good end the man behind Harald Nomad chose to delete all objects and buildings still in his technical ownership in an illegal act leaving ruins and destroyed customer projects behind. Of course he will have to face legal consequences. In addition he has been excluded from all groups and is not a member of in-world professionals developer network any more.

Stefan Weiß, October 2008

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Anonymous Anonym meinte...

Das hätte ich nie von ihm gedacht. Als Ray Kovacs ist er scheinbar noch in Tombstone Arizona aktiv. Nur so als Tipp.

Montag, 20. Oktober 2008 um 19:24:00 MESZ  

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