Christmas offer to all our tenants

In this year again, we will have a big Christmas market in Munich. It will be allocated across the whole city from November 29th 2009 until January 6th 2010.
From different events apart, like concerts, sledge racing or fashion shows we will create an Advent calender. I wanna invite all Munich tenants to it.

On your shops Building we will apply a door. Behind it, should be a present from you. In this present you can apply some Infos about your products and/or landmarks.
It would be great if you have special offers at the time while Christmas market in your shop. we will assume the advertisements for these offers.

Also we will construct some kiosks across the Munich sims. We want to let it for the whole time for 100linden and 10 Prims.
The rental income we will use for the events e.g. prices for the sled race....!

I would glad to hear from you and about a lot of participants. Send me an a notecard for application.

With this in mind a lot of greetings
Annabella Biedermann

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